Do you offer any Gluten Free options?

WINGS: All of our wings are dredged in Gluten Free Flours and tossed in Gluten Free Sauces (except for Nashville Wings & Honey Soy Flavour). We refer to our wings as being gluten friendly (except for Nashville Wings & Honey Soy Flavour) as the flours and ingredients we use are to the best of our knowledge gluten free. Please note that due to glutinous products being present in our kitchen, on prep surfaces and cooking appliances cross contamination is possible.

BURGER BUNS: We offer the option to swap our standard milk bun out for a “gluten free” (gluten friendly) bun that to the best of our knowledge has no gluten present. Please note due to glutinous products being present in our kitchen, bun toasters and prep surfaces cross contamination is possible

BURGER & WING SAUCES: Gluten “Friendly”! We do not add any glutinous flours or ingredients to our burger and wing sauces. Exceptions Honey Soy & Nashville Wings

BEEF: There are no additives, fillers or bread crumbs in our custom patty blend making our beef burger options gluten friendly!

FRIED CHICKEN BURGERS & TENDERS: The Southern Fried Chicken Breasts and Tenders are dredged in plain flour which means they are not gluten friendly. If you are avoiding gluten altogether ask your server to substitute your fried chicken breast or tenders for grilled chicken instead.

Do you offer any Dairy Free options?

Burgers: Unfortunately our Burger Buns, Chicken Marinades and most of our sauces contain some form of dairy. However on request we can make a Dairy Free Smashed Beef Burger with Tomato Sauce or BBQ Sauce on our Gluten Free Bun which is also Dairy Free or simply remove the bun altogether and swap out for our Bunless Option (Crispy Cos Lettuce Leaves)


Wings: Our Dairy Free Wing options include our Plane Jane Crispy Fried option, BBQ Bourbon Flavour or Honey Soy

Do you offer any Vegan or Vegetarian Options?

Unfortunately due to spatial restrictions we do not offer anything that is vegan friendly at this point in time, however we have vegetarian friendly options such as our Ceasar Salad, Apple & Walnut Salad or our Magic Mushroom Burger that are all vegetarian :)

Are your Restaurants Licensed?

Yes! We serve a boutique selection of Craft Beers, Cider, Wines and House-Made Cocktails to quench your thirst!

Are your Restaurants Halal Certified?

Wing Fix is not independently Halal Certified however our chicken is sourced from a Halal Certified Supplier. As no pork products or utensils are prepared or used in the production of our Fried Chicken Burgers or Southern Fried Chicken Tenders these are what we call Halal Friendly.

Exceptions: Fried Chicken n Bacon Burger (Bacon and Bourbon present), Maple Fried Chicken Burger (Bacon Present)

Do your Restaurants Deliver?

Yes! You can still get a Wing Fix and support us from your couch! Order at

Do I need to make a booking?
Short answer is no :). Due to the fast casual nature of our restaurants we don’t usually take bookings for groups of 4 or under. If you arrive and we are at capacity, typically it isn’t a very long turn around until we are able to seat you.
We do however suggest and recommend you make a booking for a group of 5 or more so we can arrange our dining area to allocate you a table for your desired time.
I want to eat out with my friends but I'm trying to eat a little better, do you have anything for me?
If you're cutting down on carbs, watching the waist line or just looking for something a bit lighter we have some great lighter options.
Suggestions: Swapping out Fried Chicken for Grilled Chicken or swapping out our Burger Bun for our “Bunless Option” (Crispy Cos Lettuce Leaves). Our Apple & Walnut Salad or our Ceasar Salad or our Chicken Aioli Wrap are all great lighter options too!